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Hilfe zur Übersetzung von AMOR FATI Texten ins Englische gesucht  

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Gerne würden wir AMOR FATI und die dahinterstehende Philosophie auch in den englischsprachigen Raum erweitern. Hierfür möchten wir zukünftig mehr englische Artikel und Texte veröffentlichen. In diesem Zusammenhang sind wir auf der Suche nach aktiver Man/Woman-Power zur Übersetzung von AMOR FATI Texten. Ein recht gutes englisches Sprachverständnis wäre von Vorteil. Selbstverständlich kann aber auch auf Translator zurückgegriffen werden. Dennoch ist es uns wichtig, dass die Intention der Texte nicht durch eine maschinelle Übersetzung verstört wird, weshalb ein aktives Beschäftigen und bearbeiten der Texte unerlässlich sein wird.

Als ersten Text würden wir gerne die 10 Werte unter dem Menüpunkt "Unsere Werte" übersetzen:

Falls jemand von euch Interesse daran hat und AMOR FATI unterstützen möchte, kann sich gerne hier melden. 
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn wir es schaffen aus der Community heraus zu wachsen. Falls es noch offene Fragen gibt, können diese auch gerne hier gestellt werden.

Ich freue mich auf das Feedback.
Beste Grüße

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Posted : 30/07/2019 12:01
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Gern. Hier ist das nächste:

When fitness becomes a strain

>> I asked Dr. Zippel to write down his understanding of fitness for the website. His answer was that there are already enough texts about fitness on the internet. It's better to avoid compulsive and cramped fitness. He allowed me to publish the final text from his book "HET - Hocheffizient Trainieren". The text fits perfectly and it shows Dr. Zippel's great experience with the topic and what really matters. Just read it by yourself.<<

As a philosopher and holistic coach I work therapeutically much in the mental, spiritual and social range. Body, mind, soul and community are closely intertwined. Again and again I experience that causes and symptoms lie on different levels. Alcoholism may be founded in mental emptiness, obesity in social coldness and a hardened hunchback can find its cause in too much stress or too rough parenting.

Neither withdrawal nor diet nor pressure will help, nor a simple fitness guide and a few push-ups; not even the desired six-pack. They all just pluck the leaves of the problem, while the roots remain untouched. The causes are often deeply buried in the unconscious, in childhood or a shocking experience.

In the case of morbid or chronic inactive people, new attempts to become fit are always made, often leading to continuous failure, frustration, dwindling self-confidence, social rejection and self-destruction. The happy and no less sad truth is: fitness is not difficult. It is in our blood and can be realized playfully and intuitively with a few essential principles.

If you - dear reader - still have problems with it, then it might be worthwhile to look for blocking causes and perhaps better solutions on other levels. The most important criteria for healthy fitness lie within us: Self-confidence, suppleness, stability, courage and joy of living. In fact, it is precisely these aspects that are strengthened by constructive, playful and relaxed fitness.

Muscles, records and a slim waist are only about the surface. Whoever stiffens up to this will not be happy even through "fitness". These are outward appearances. And the fitness industry works above all by showing unhappy people that they can find inner peace, mental stability and bliss by getting their bodies in shape. There' s something to that.

No trainer, training plan, supplement or even hormone preparation will solve deeper blockades and problems - at best conceal them, making it even more exhausting to maintain the masquerade. Trust me, I know well over a hundred physically successful athletes personally ... and even many of them struggle with their lives and their inner being: are mentally torn, disoriented, haggard, broke, criminal, envious, depressed or burnt out. All this is NOT fitness.

FITNESS MEANS: to master life playfully, to do good, to care for your loved ones, to fight if necessary, to grow in resistance, to laugh about the inevitable and to die fulfilled.

When I look at today's media and fitness studios, I see many fitness people with sometimes breathtaking facades, but few of them are really fit to the core in the true, natural sense: physically, mentally, emotionally, materially and socially.

Those affected are reluctant to acknowledge the true, deeper problems and tend collectively to argue about protein shakes, training plans and diet strategies. In psychotherapy, this repression mechanism is referred to as rationalization. Wherever I come across such overly intellectual, theoretical discussions, I know which way the wind is blowing from and prefer to abstain. Because nothing is easier and nothing can be implemented more intuitively than fitness. I hope I was able to make you aware of this in my book.

Do you feel addressed? Then work on your character core, a healthy intuition, the positive flow of energy and mental stability. This starts with the reading and reflection of strong ancient philosophies such as stoicism, epicureanism or cynicism, proceeds through the collaboration with a qualified therapist and the participation in a constructive community and ends with the creation and realization of one's own sense of life.

Do good and good will grow out of it. Laugh again, especially about yourself, and don't take all this too seriously. You won't get out of here alive anyway. Those steps and perspectives can have a healing, stabilizing and cleansing effect on your soul.

Gradually you can fight your way out of the shadows into the light - also with the help of training and nutrition - under the motto: Inspire the body, embody the mental, bring the soul into balance. The healthier the human levels are and the more playfully they intertwine, the simpler everything else succeeds and striving becomes a game.

Don't wait any longer for a savior to come or design a medicine, and everything will be fine. That won't happen. Either you get your ass up, face the truth, take care of it and work on the causes - or everything gets worse. This is what nature wants. It knows no social system: only the happiness of the growing stronger.

And everyone can become stronger, no matter where he stands and how he feels. Strength is not absolute - strength is relative. Anyone who can do more push-ups, has lost 0.1% of body fat, read a few pages in a good book, meditated or invested in friendship - he has become stronger, he is stronger today than yesterday.

That's the secret: step by step, hour by hour, day by day, act of will by act of will, over weeks, months and years, the strength of human beings is almost superhuman. Usually only the head stands in the way: switch it off, trust nature, make and let it grow! Where the resistance is, there is the way.

Even the mightiest oak originates from a small acorn that fits into a child's hand. Should it really have its life better under control than you?

Your Christian Zippel

Posted : 28/08/2019 16:41
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Und noch eins, mal wieder 😛 

Packing List Dr. Zippel

"What else does Zippel have? What does he hide in his pocket? And why is it still often dressed so neat?"


1 sunglasses
1 cap
1 jacket
1 rain jacket
1 hoodie
3 shirts
1 pair of cuff buttons
1 polo shirt
1 pleb-Shirt
1 t-shirt
1 jeans
1 linen trousers
1 swimming shorts
4 boxer shorts
3 pairs of knee socks
1 pair of sports socks
1 belt
1 pair of sports shoes
1 pair of street shoes

1 netbook + cable
1 ebook reader
1 headphone
1 smartphone
1 charger
1 bluetooth box
1 HDMI cable

1 nail clipper
1 toothbrush
1 toothpaste
1 deodorant
1 hair clipper

1 passport
1 vaccination card
1 international driving licence
2 passport photos
1 wallet


credit card


44 things
10 kg
1 bag
- easy going

How many things do you own?
How many kilos burden you?

Posted : 30/10/2019 16:15
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Oh super vielen Dank. Ich werde diese Texte verarbeiten und auch auf englisch veröffentlichen. Allerdings erst im Januar denke ich, da ich dort eine größere Überarbeitung des Portals plane. Nicht das du meinst, ich beachte das nicht... Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung

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Posted : 30/10/2019 17:08
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