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Dr. Christian Zippel is a doctor of philosophy, holistic therapist, globetrotter and experimental writer. He has published 15 books and a few hundred articles in the fields of philosophy, psychology, fitness, nutrition and physics.

He lives simply and freely – as a cosmopolitan without much property or permanent residence. On the following pages you will find information about his life, work and books. Most of his publications are in German. Here you can find his german articles.

Short report in german TV about Dr. Christian Zippel and his work as a philosopher, coach and therapist.


Read more about the person Dr. Christian Zippel.

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All information about the AMOR FATI Coaching with Dr. Z and Sascha.

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Overview of all books published by Dr. Christian Zippel.

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Press publications about Dr. Christian Zippel and his work.

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