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AMOR FATI is a holistic pragmatic philosophy that combines ancient values, enlightened consciousness and modern knowledge to live a strong, free and fulfilled life.

Here you will learn to evolve, overcome inner blockages, realize your potential and become stable, happy and free. Our holistic approach is unique: we take care of body, mind and soul as well as financial and social aspects.

AMOR FATI is an alternative lifestyle for people who do not want to follow the typical way of living. It is for people who do not care about careers and material abundance. It is for people who see an authentic, free life in flow as their path.

The AMOR FATI philosophy is based on the work of the German philosopher Dr. Christian Zippel. He lives minimalistic, happy and free – as a cosmopolitan without a permanent residence. We provide you with info about his life as well as his books and publish his articles.

Sascha is an existential therapist, holistic coach and philosopher. He also lives minimalist, free, without a permanent residence and travels the world permanently. He loves, lives and teaches the AMOR FATI philosophy. He publishes the AMOR FATI podcast and his German articles in the blog.

What’s next? Learn about our origins as well as our values, steps and structure. Read articles and news in our blog. Ask for personal coaching or therapy if needed. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Fighting creates a free live.
Art makes it beautiful.
Fighting alone is dull.
Art alone: weak.
That’s why the fulfilled life needs to combine fighting and art.
This is what AMOR FATI is all about.
It’s Philosophical Kung Fu.

Dr. Christian Zippel