No more building walls? Finding new energy, flow and relaxation? Get fit, strong and stable? Minimalize and finally be free?

AMOR FATI is a holistic, pragmatic philosophy to create a strong, free and fulfilled life. Here you will learn to evolve, overcome complications and inner blockages, realize your potential and become stable, happy, authentic and free.

Our holistic approach is unique: we take care of body, mind and soul as well as financial and social aspects.

What a holistic coaching or a holistic therapy is, what it makes so special and which advantages it offers compared to conventional therapies, Dr. Z has highlighted in the following English post: What is holistic Therapy?

If you need help on your way to a happy, strong and free life, Dr. Christian Zippel is a wonderful mentor for this journey – because he embodies and lives all our steps. He has accomplished them and can teach you to master them yourself.


I (Sascha) live, love and teach the AMOR FATI lifestyle, travel permanently with hand luggage and live without a permanent residence. I am an AMOR FATI coach and online marketer. In addition to administering our website and planning and organizing our trips, I host the AMOR FATI podcast.

For example, if you want to do your own thing professionally, travel the world permanently free, work decentralized or live bureaucracy-free/tax-free, then don’t hesitate to contact me. More details, content and the process of my coaching can be found here: Coaching Details Sascha.

If you want to get a detailed insight into the AMOR FATI work, please have a look at our coaching reports (currently just available in German language). Here clients talk about our shared work.

All coachings are possible worldwide digitally or in person – after arrangement of place and time. I handle the coordination of my own requests as well as Dr. Z’s. Write me via WhatsApp, Telegram or email if you are interested.


If you need help from Dr. Z or Sascha on your way to a fulfilled, smooth and free life, just write me (Sascha) via WhatsApp, Telegram or email.


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