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I am a philosopher, existential coach and online marketer. I live minimalist, free, without a permanent residence and travel the world permanently. I am passionate about the question of how to live a free, fulfilled life with flow and ease in all areas of life.

Therefore, I love, live and teach the holistic and pragmatic AMOR FATI philosophy of life with the goal to create a strong, free and fulfilled life.

I help my clients to evolve, overcome inner blockages, realize their potential and become stable, happy, authentic and free. With my work I want to spread the AMOR FATI philosophy and share some of the fire that burns inside me for an awesome life.

Besides my work as an AMOR FATI coach, I am the administrator of our website, publish articles on the blog, plan and organize our community trips and host the AMOR FATI podcast. On the following pages you will find more information about my life, interviews and details about my four coaching areas.

If you want to get a deeper insight into the AMOR FATI work, check out the coaching reports with client feedbacks.


More about Sascha Heupel as an existential coach and online marketer.

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All information about the AMOR FATI Coaching with Dr. Z and Sascha.

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Video- und Podcast-Interviews with Sascha.

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Overview of all English-language posts on AMOR FATI by Sascha.

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