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Fighting creates live.

Art makes it beautiful.

Fighting alone is dull.

Art alone: weak.

That’s why the fulfilled life

needs to combine fighting and art.

This is how Dr. Christian Zippel answered my question in summer 2018: “What is the key to a fulfilled life?” We were walking along the chalk cliffs of Kap Arkona on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen. Again and again, he looked into the distance, seemed to be somewhere else …

Rügen was Zippel’s last place of residence. I am glad I met him there during a coaching session. On October 18th 2018, he gave up his residence and domicile, deregistered from Germany. He cancelled contracts, overcame his life as a citizen and evolved from all complicated entanglements – as he emphasized again and again. This fascinated and confused me at the same time. He had even stopped his activity on the internet, deleted the homepage and his email account.


I asked him. “Yes, books,” was the short answer. “No more articles? No more facebook?” – “There are great people on facebook, but also stupidity, censorship and commerce. Regularly I write articles for myself. Primarily for reflection.”

“And you don’t want to publish them anymore?” I asked, somewhat angrily. “Why don’t you do it?” he replied snippy. And what can I say? Here we are.


… was originally intended to be a portal that would preserve Dr. Christian Zippel’s philosophy of life, his texts and books, make them accessible and put them up for discussion. To build this portal, he simply left everything to me: domains, accesses, photos, texts.

What first started with a small website has grown in the meantime. The web design has been updated several times, content is now available in German and English. Coaching reports and podcasts allow deeper insights into the AMOR FATI work. Various people work voluntarily and with passion in the fore- and background. For example, they write and translate articles, help with proofreading, are involved in the production of videos as well as podcasts and organize trips.


… that was Dr. Z‘s answer to my question “What title should the book of your life have?” And I: was on fire. Early on I fell in love with the freedom, minimalism and uncompromisingness with which Dr. Z masters his life – light as a feather, deeply relaxed and still focused. The feeling of my inner resonance was overwhelming and so our lives entangled.

So I invested in myself, trained and learned – from Zippel, Nietzsche, Tyler and the lovely Philo-Sophy. Did it like him, not only built and developed this portal, but also started my own journey, with the goal of holistic development, happy smoothness and fulfilling freedom. I have quit my previous life, gave up possession as well as residence in December 2019 and now also work and live freely. I can tell you: the best decision of my life.


On AMOR FATI you will find the corresponding philosophy as well as all essential information and necessary steps for a fulfilled, free and authentic life in flow. Familiarize yourself with our principles and values. Get an overview of our structure and find inspiration in coaching reports from wonderful people we have already helped. Also check out the blog and podcast for deeper insights.


Under the term AMOR FATI, a worldwide community of like-minded people shall come together to network and grow together. Above all, however, it is about the formation of independent, free and self-confident individuals – competent global citizens.

AMOR FATI is an alternative lifestyle for people who do not want to follow the typical citizen way. It is for people who do not care about career and material abundance. It is for people who see an authentic, free life in a playful flow as their path.

I am glad that you are with us.

Your Sascha

Anyone who does not have two thirds of the day to himself is a slave.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Dr. Christian Zippel & Sascha Heupel - 2018

Birth of AMOR FATI
Dr. Z & Sascha 2018
Chalk cliffs in Cape Arkona, Ruegen, Germany

Dr. Christian Zippel & Sascha Heupel - 2023

5 years AMOR FATI
Dr. Z & Sascha 2023
KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia