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What is a Holistic Doctor? | AMOR FATIArticle

What is a Holistic Doctor?

Dr. Z explains what a Holistic Doctor is, why Holistic Therapy is a whole new game and what he has been doing for 20 years in his coachings and therapies.
Dr. Z
Life is simple – people make it complicated | AMOR FATIArticle

Life is simple – people make it complicated

In the last few days I stumbled across an older and short text by Dr. Z, which perhaps one or the other of you already knows. I remembered how Dr. Z sent it to me by mobile phone and how it grabbed me at his time and never let go. It made me reflect and it came up again and again in my meditations. Especially it shocked me because of the simple answer to the difficult question “What is the secret of a free and happy life?”
Dr. Z
Done your homework? | AMOR FATIArticle

Done your Homework?

Dr. Z explains shortly the simplicity of Bamboo-Philosophy and what you can learn from this crazy plant if you want to be successful in life.
Dr. Z
Every woman is a challenge | AMOR FATIArticle

Every woman is a challenge

A challenge of nature: With every birth, mother blesses us with a special being – a natural, sensual, fragile, sensitive, warm, passioned, caring and playful bundle of energy. The great challenge for every woman is to secure this wonderful femininity in an apathetic and cold world such as ours – without becoming brutish and masculine ...
Dr. Z
The biggest lie in fitness and health | AMOR FATIArticle

The biggest lie in fitness and health

Did you know that asbestos, radiation, and cigarettes can be healthy? That vitamin C can promote cancer and abstinence can make you sick? Well now, ready yourself for an entirely different perspective on ‘fitness & health’.
Dr. Z
Rules for radical reading | AMOR FATIArticle

Rules for radical reading

Reading is like sex - fruitful and exciting. It improves health, fitness, mindset and competence. So do it in high frequency and quality. Here is how ...
Dr. Z
Fat, fear & gold | AMOR FATIArticle

Fat, fear & gold

Do you know what body fat and gold have in common? Have you ever thought about that corona and the crisis could also be a huge chance for you? In this post you can learn how the system actually works and how you can use this to your advantage.
Dr. Z