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„Fighting creates a free live. Art makes it beautiful.

Fighting alone is dull. Art alone: ​​weak.

That’s why the fulfilled life needs to combine fighting and art. This is what AMOR FATI is all about. It’s Philosophical Kung Fu.“

Dr. Christian Zippel



A pragmatic philosophy which combines ancient values, enlightened consciousness and modern knowledge.

It is based on the work of the German philosopher Dr. Christian Zippel. He lives a minimalistical lifestyle, simple and free – as a cosmopolite without any permanent residence.

Here you will find info about his life and books. We also publish the best of his previous articles. New ones can be found here: updates. Most of his stuff is written in German.

But stay tuned: We are in the process of translating. Feel free to help. He himself will publish future articles in English.

If you want to know more: Read our values!

„Hitting bottom isn’t a weekend retreat, it’s not a goddamn seminar. Stop trying to control everything and just let go. LET GO!“

Tyler Durden

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