cell by cell to a powerful organism

“Fighting creates a free live. Art makes it beautiful. Fighting alone is dull. Art alone: ​​weak.

That’s why the fulfilled life needs to combine fighting and art. This is what AMOR FATI is all about. It’s Philosophical Kung Fu.”

Dr. Christian Zippel



It’s a pragmatic philosophy which combines antique values, enlightened consciousness and modern knowledge.

Based is it on the work of the german philosopher Dr. Christian Zippel. He lives minimalistic, simple and free – as cosmopolitan without any residence.

Here you will find infos about his life and books. We also publish the best of his articles and new ones: updates. Most of his stuff is in german.

But stay connected: We start to translate. Feel free to help. He himself will write future texts in english.

If you want to know more: Read our structure & our values!

“Amor Fati means: Love destiny… and destiny will love you.

Dance through life… and life will dance with you. Trust nature… and nature will trust you. Invest in your development… and development will invest in you.

That’s life – it gives what you give. So give growth, happiness, love and you will harvest what you sow.”

Dr. Christian Zippel


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