Done your Homework?

by: Dr. Z

by: Dr. Z

Many people thrive for an explosive breakthrough but they exhaust themselves already in the beginning. Collapsing.


Because they haven’t done their homework. Didn’t work on their fundament, constructive habits and strong roots.


You can learn a lot from the bamboo in my kitchen. For a couple of years it almost didn’t exist – above the surface. But below the ground it has build a strong system of roots. After four or five years came the breakthrough, with explosive growth: up to 90 feet in a few weeks. So fast, you can see and hear it grow.

Actually that was an ancient asien torture method: to let a bamboo grow through a vivid human body.



In case you really want to have an explosive breakthrough for yourself – because so many other people seem to have it … then stop looking at the surface and what these people are doing right now.


… look beyond the visible. Almost everybody, who is successful right now, made his or her homework for years, in the shadow, below the surface. They have established their success long ago before anybody could see it.


In case you want to be successful without building roots, you can try that, but it won’t work. It’s a license to fail – probably once again. Just digging a deeper hole for your self-confidence. So take the lesson from the bamboo and …


… at least for a couple of months or better: years – and you will grow stable, long term, relaxed, happy and healthy: natural.

“Many people think trees are stronger than bamboo. Sometimes they are. But when the storm comes: trees brake and the bamboo? It just bends and rises again. It has a special power, a soft power. Learn from that, adapt that. Use it for your Kung Fu. No martial art is complete without soft techniques.”

Dr. Z


Written by: Dr. Z

“Amor Fati means: Love destiny… and destiny will love you. Dance through life… and life will dance with you. Trust nature… and nature will trust you. Invest in your development… and development will invest in you. That’s life – it gives what you give. So give growth, happiness, love and you will harvest what you sow.”


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