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The 4 coaching & therapy areas of Sascha


Reduce negative energies | Increase positive energies | Inner healing

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Increase life energy | Boost aesthetics & health | Become smoothly fit

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Finding your vocation | Doing your thing | Mastering finances

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Living individual freedom | Become a world-citizen | Increasing flow

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What awaits you in the individual areas


Philosophy & Therapy

Reduce negative energies | Increase positive energies | Inner healing

  • Finding direction in life & clarity
  • Overcoming fears, blockages & illnesses
  • Letting go of the past & learning to accept the unchangeable
  • Leave victims perspective & become self-determined
  • Develop courage & go new ways with self-confidence
  • Know yourself and get rid of emotional burdens. Realign yourself, gain more self-confidence, hope, lightness and step into your inner power!

Exemplary content

Clarify life values, direction & meaning / gain clarity.
How do I get more clarity about what I want and what suits me to make decisions? What is valuable for me in life, what is worth fighting for? What is my meaning of life and how can I find new meaning?

Environmental & Energetic Work
How can I recognize a toxic environment and how can I shape it so that it allows me to flourish? Why do I often feel so lacking in energy / drive (depressed) and how can I overcome this?

Dissolve Negative Self-Image, Obstructive Beliefs & Blockages
How can I recognize and dissolve a negative self-image / obstructive beliefs / emotional blockages? How can I establish a positive self-image and beliefs?

Become who you are / Self-knowledge from inside & outside / Inner resonance
Who am I and how do I discover myself? How do I live authentically? How can I live according to my nature? How do I recognize that I am in flow / inner resonance and how do I expand this state?

Take self-responsibility, overcome self-doubt & build self-confidence.
How do I manage to take more self-responsibility? How can I build more self-confidence and overcome my self-doubt?

Learning to let go of the past & releasing emotional burden
How do I let go of traumas and torments from the past? How can I quickly get rid of emotional ballast? How do I manage to live with something unchangeable?

Finding New Courage, Gaining Hope & Developing Ease
How can I gain new hope and develop new courage? How can I overcome heaviness and create easiness in life?

Leaving the victim perspective & becoming self-determined
How do I recognize that I am in the victim perspective and how can I pull myself out of it? How do I manage to stop complaining and whining and instead become active and more self-determined?

Mastering existential crises, fears & emotional setbacks.
How do I deal with life crises, fears and setbacks? How do I manage not to suffer, but to overcome them?

Sparring partner in the process of implementation
Philosophy teaches us to act, not just to talk: Helping, structuring and accompanying life changes.

Further existential therapy & philosophy
How do I see death and how can I overcome the fear of it? How do I deal with the feeling of isolation? Why do I get up in the morning? How do I overcome the guilt of an unfulfilled life? How do I deal with suffering in life? What is the meaning of life?


Health & Fitness

Increase life energy | Boost aesthetics & health | Become smoothly fit

  • Overcome civilization diseases & strengthen the immune system
  • Build muscles & lose fat playfully and effectively
  • Increase life energy, libido & everyday performance
  • Learn yoga, stretching & meditation
  • Reduce stress, be able to switch off & relax
  • Get playfully fit, supple and healthy with body and mind. Feel energetic, powerful and attractive!

Exemplary content

Workout Planning & management for the gym & at home
What, how and when do I train, to be effective, fit and healthy? How does autoregulated training work? How do I achieve results in less time? How do I get results with a home workout?

Diet planning & supplementation
How do I manage to keep the diet simple? How do I manage to eat intuitively and not have to give up pleasure? Which nutritional supplement is useful and when?

Improve sleep & relaxation
How do I get better sleep and feel more energetic in the morning? How do I manage to switch off and relax more easily? How do I manage to stop my thought carousel and reduce stress?

Set up progress monitoring
How do I achieve and recognize constant progress? Which progress control is useful and when?

Blood & hormone analysis
Up-to-date check-up and progress control through appropriate blood and hormone values.

Learn meditation
How can I easily learn meditation and use it for myself? Which types of meditation are useful and when? How and when do I integrate meditation most appropriately into my everyday life?

Learn Yoga & Stretching
How can I easily learn yoga and stretching and make it work for me? How and when do I integrate yoga and stretching most usefully into my everyday life?

Create routines
How do I design an effective daily routine and integrate it permanently into my daily life? How do I keep routines playful and flexible so that there is no “have to”?

Scheduling & Simplification
How do I manage to efficiently keep up with my exercise, diet, yoga, meditation, reading and not overcomplicate it?


Vocation & Finances

Finding your vocation | Doing your thing | Mastering finances

  • Learn to handle your finances & savings
  • Be able to earn money from anywhere in the world, regardless of your location
  • Build & grow your own business, the way it really suits you
  • Learn to “work” digitally & effectively so you don’t waste time
  • Invest in yourself & develop skills
  • Create your financial and time basis for a free and self-determined life, the way it suits you!

Exemplary content

Financial System & Savings System
How do I get an overview and control over my finances? How do I set up a simple account and savings system? Where and how can I effectively reduce my expenses?

Options for travel financing / lifestyle financing
How do I manage to finance my life while traveling? Own business vs. alternative options? What makes the most sense for me with my capabilities & skills?

Digital organization of work & productivity
What system can I use to organize my work digitally and easily? How can I easily identify the most important tasks and work distraction-free to achieve more in less time?

Business strategy, communication & positioning
Which strategy and communication do I use to position my offer usefully? How do I develop and implement them?

Product Structure & Pricing
Which products do I really need and what prices can I charge for them? How do I develop and implement them?

Website / Online Shop / Online Course / Membership Area
How and with which tools do I build a modern website / online store / online course / membership area? What do I need to keep in mind to be up to date?

Digitization & Automation
Which payment providers do I use to sell digital products and how do I set them up? How can I save time with automations and integrate them in a meaningful way?

Support with technical implementation of websites & Co.
Support on behalf of me with the technical and graphical implementation of your website / online store / online course / member area.

Prospect & Sales Talks
How do I lead and structure a sales conversation? How do I deal with rejection and objections? How do I get out of comparability and manage to communicate my value in an understandable way?


Freedom & Traveling

Living individual freedom | Become a world-citizen | Increasing flow

  • Remove burdensome possessions & obligations
  • Deregister your residence & become a citizen of the world
  • live free of bureaucracy & taxes / US-LLC incorporation
  • Travel the world minimalistically & freely
    Enjoy your life with ease
  • Become free, travel the world, collect unique moments and live unrestricted in your flow. You live your life the way you like it!

Exemplary content

Planning & organization of emigration
Where do I start? What do I do when and how? How do I keep the overview?

Deregistration of residence & existing business
How do I properly deregister my residence / existing business?

Account Structure & Banks
What account structure and banks make sense when traveling? How can I avoid expensive fees?

Int. Health Insurance & Liability Insurance
How and where do I get an international health insurance / liability insurance? Which provider takes effect in the event of a case of damage and which coverage makes sense for you?

US-LLC incorporation & live bureaucracy free / tax free
Where and how do I form a US LLC to be bureaucracy-free / tax-free?
What should be considered in this regard?

Company bank account & invoicing
How do I get a company bank account and how does the invoicing work for my US-LLC?

Everyday life as a permanent traveler
e.g. How do I structure my work, free time & everyday life efficiently, effectively and digitally while traveling?

Minimizing possessions & planning luggage
How do I get rid of my possessions in the best and most profitable way? What do I take with me and how do I plan my luggage smart?

Trip Planning & Budgeting
How and when do I plan my trips to travel cost effectively? How do I make the best use of my budget?

Answering individual questions
Can I return to my native country of residence at any time and how long am I allowed to stay there? What do I do if I no longer like permanent traveling and want to return permanently to homeland?


Procedure & Structure

Flexible content | Process of coaching | Digital & personal coaching

Common work is possible with a focus on each of the four areas. However, they are interwoven, which means that in practice the transitions between the areas are usually fluid. This means that we simply and flexibly pick out what we need from each area so that you can achieve your goals quickly, holistically and pragmatically. So if you have a topic that covers several of the four areas, this is just as possible as working together in just one of the areas.

The classical coaching is digital and a combination of 1 – 1.5 hour video calls (usually 1x per week) and unlimited exchange via Telegram or WhatsApp in the meantime. In the videocalls we discuss your main topics in depth and determine the next steps and tasks. In between the video calls, we use Telegram or WhatsApp to clarify questions, recommendations and give feedback. Everything happens at your pace, without force or pressure. Experience has shown that in this way the fastest and most sustainable results are possible.

The total length of a coaching is flexible and depends on your personal situation and your goals. If you want to have my estimation about your situation and a duration, just contact me via WhatsApp or Telegram.

On request, personal 1:1 coaching sessions are possible as well and are usually combined with a one to two weeks trip. Here we live the AMOR FATI lifestyle together and take care of you and your goals in person.


Sometimes coaching can lead to drastic changes in your thoughts, actions and life, but I think you are aware of that if you have been dealing with AMOR FATI for quite some time. We don’t just treat symptoms. We don’t just want to spread some good feelings and positive vibes. We want fundamental and sustainable changes towards authenticity, stability, flow, development and individual freedom.


You are interested in a coaching, therapy session or do you have further questions? Then simply write to me via WhatsApp or Telegram. Here we can discuss everything uncomplicated and fast.


Finding new energy, flow and relaxation? Getting fit, strong and stable? Minimizing, being free and doing your own thing? If you need help on your way to a fulfilled, strong and free life, just write me.