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Dr. Christian Zippel & Ich (Sascha) | Sommer 2018 Kap Arkona, Rügen

Dr. Christian Zippel 2018 – Philosopher | Author | Coach

Dr. Christian Zippel is a philosopher, author, coach, therapist, fitness expert, globetrotter …

Whenever I am asked: “Who is this Zippel and what is he doing?” I have been listing this list so far. It is difficult for me to describe him because he is an individual of a special kind. He is the mentally, physically and spiritually freest or most developed person I have ever met.

I wanted to see if mutual friends have a better reply on this question. So I asked Tim because he had already traveled to Asia with Christian and then moved to Rügen to him. I got to know Tim through a meeting with Christian.

Tim’s detailed answer:
“Christian is a philosopher who moves things, explains them and makes them understandable for people. Something lively emerges from writing and text, which helps many people to find and develop themselves anew. A philosophy, that creates something new out of destruction. A philosophy that is direct, robust and sometimes shocking, but always honest. Still supportive and motivating.

Christian’s texts, articles and books encourage to reflection. Also to overcome the persistence and lead people to action. This gives support and creates direction and stability for everyone who is ready to overcome the usual. For everyone who wants to change something, is dissatisfied with life or is even stuck in the wrong life. It is an opportunity for a new life. A way to find and live your dream. “

“Peter? How would you describe the Zippel? “, I asked our muscular friend and  bodybuilding World Champion from the Ruhr area.
“I don’t know, you can’t describe it. Simply read his book, “Leider geil, fett und faul”, then you actually get the best impression in his thinking, feeling, living …


In particular, I got to know Christian as a coach, therapist and human during my coaching in summer 2018. I knew his books, himself from stories by Peter and Tim. The reason for the coaching: At the time I was asking the question “Why am I here, what is my job and why should I get up every morning?”. Christian later called this the life-building questions,  which I had no no clue about, and even did not know how to approach their answers.

The rest is explained quickly. In a 1 to 1 coaching for the duration of 5 days we searched for physical, mental and mental blockages in me. Everything that slowed down and cost energy had to be removed. In my case immediately and radically. We defined where I should let more energy flow in if I wanted to develop freely. This brought new positive energy, perspective and ultimately also answered my questions. Everything in a playful, philosophical style, without forcing and cramping.

In addition to being an author and philosopher, Christian is a great therapist and coach. Completely holistic: for body, mind and soul, but also for the social and financial issues, with very own thoughtful views, which he always lives himself too. All of this together creates an ideal package that does not exist so far. He manages to pick everyone up where he is at the current moment. Also to reflect with him, to reveal harmful patterns, to demonstrate outdated patterns of thinking and to define the rubbish. So you can understand why everything has to be the way it is. He finds ways to overcome all challenges in a special way that you can outgrow yourself. As in his eponymous book, “Bring den Müll raus”, thought patterns are restructured and malicious programs are overwritten with good ones. Everything without evaluation, devaluation and arrogance, but happy, balanced and satisfied. In the flow with himself and the earth.

He brings mind and body back together. He shows how Ying and Yang interact and why they belong together. How to dance through life, have fun and enjoy it. Honestly: Who still does this today?
Christian teaches how to find stability in yourself and not looking for an outside-depended one. How to create a stable core within the inner chaos. Comparable to the core of a tornado. Everything rages and flies chaotically around at the outside, while everything inside is completely stable, in order and harmonious. A glimmer of hope for anyone who wants to change something and wants to find his essential core.

A DOCTOR IN PHILOSOPHY AND PUMPING IRON? Mr. Zippel are you kidding me? …

In his mid-twenties, Christian Zippel received his Ph.D in philosophy at the university in Munich. At the same time, he works as a fencing instructor and personal trainer. He only conveys what he lives for himself, and forms his body on the gymnastics rings and with heavy weights. At peak times, he weighs 104 kg and devours up to 8,000 kcal per day. Even more astonishing is that he did all of this 100% natural. In his book “HFT – Hochfrequenztraining und Autoregulation” he describes how this is possible. Overall, he more than doubled his body weight during his training career: from originally 48 to 104 kg – take a look at the picture at the second page in the gallery.

In over 20 years of weight training, building muscles, dieting and six-pack, he has written several books on these topics. The best known is „Der Wille zur Kraft – Die 10 Gebote kompromissloser Leistungssteigerung in Bodybuilding & Kraftsport“. I call it the first philosophical weight training book. At the same time, Christian launched the “Der Wille zur Kraft” blog. Here he regularly writes philosophical articles on the subjects of weight training, bodybuilding and human development. With its radical, direct uniqueness, it inspires up to 50,000 blog readers per week. At some point he simply deleted the blog because he had finished to focus on “muscle building” and wanted to concentrate more on mental and emotional development. Zippel is uncompromising. Within AMOR-FATI.WORLD i will gradually publish the best “Der Wille zur Kraft” blog articles. You can find this under the menu item: “Der Wille zur Kraft”.

Weight training is still practiced by Christian every day. However, according to the pareto principle. Focus on the really relevant points. He even published a book on this: “HET – Hocheffizient trainieren”. He is also an enthusiastic martial artist. He has published a total of 14 books at the topic of physics, fitness and philosophy. The titles relevant to the blog i will present separately.


So far Christian has read over 3,700 books. A walking encyclopedia. Everything from quantum physics to psychology to fly fishing. There is no subject he cannot recommend a book on. Most recently, he lived on the baltic island of Rügen. He came here for fishing, another great passion of him. He lived in Zubzow Castle, with his own training and meditation room, in the top of the tower. Christian loves the extreme and since the 18th of October 2018 he has withdrawn from Germany. He has dissolved his residence, sold his property, canceled contracts and is now traveling the world to live a new level of freedom and development. He says that he has developed completely (out of all imaginable complications), according to Tyler Durden: “Everything you own, someday will own you.”

Where is he right now? I have no idea. If he has internet, he writes or sends me some pictures. Everything is possible, from the monastery over the jungle to a rooftop. What he experiences on this way and how he is doing, I will also publish here in the blog under Update Dr. Z. Therefore AMOR-FATI.WORLD should also be a portal that maintains Zippel’s philosophy of life, his texts and books, makes it accessible and puts it up for discussion.

I also asked Christian himself who or what he is? His succinct answer: “happy sapiens – no homo.”

German TV report on Dr. Christian Zippel as a philosopher, author and coach.


"Problems at their roots. Life to the top!"

Dr. Christian Zippel

Dr. Christian Zippel’s published books:


Leider geil, fett & faul – Warum uns der Körper auf den Geist geht und wie wir den Schweinehund zum Schoßhund machen.

rosenrot – oder die Illusion der Wirklichkeit

Bring den Müll raus – Radikal ausmisten in 5 Schritten

Der Wille zur Kraft: Die 10 Gebote kompromissloser Leistungssteigerung in Bodybuilding & Kraftsport

Animal Moves: Tierisch fit mit intensivem Ganzkörpertraining

Natural Doping: Potenz, Fitness und Gesundheit durch hormonaktive Superfoods

Body Basics – In 5 Schritten zu mehr Körperbeherrschung

HFT – Hochfrequenztraining & Auto-Regulation

HET – Hocheffizient trainieren: Mehr Fitness in weniger Zeit

Landhantel Basics – Ist sie zu schwer bist du zu schwach

Existiert der Mond, wenn keiner hinschaut? Über die Illusion der Objektivität und warum die Welt untrennbar mit uns verbunden ist

80/20-Fitness: Wenig investieren, viel erreichen. Das Training für alle, die das Leben genießen und trotzdem fit sein wollen

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