Every woman is a challenge

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Jede Frau ist eine Herausforderung | AMOR FATI
A challenge of nature: With every birth, mother blesses us with a special being – a natural, sensual, fragile, sensitive, warm, passioned, caring and playful bundle of energy.


… is to secure this wonderful femininity in an apathetic and cold world such as ours – without becoming brutish and masculine.
That tends to happen when men stop being men. When they effeminate or when they become numb and heartless. It is then, that the line between Ying and Yang starts to blur. When men drift into one of these extremes, effeminacy or numbness, they lose their heartily center and push women into masculinity.


The system as a whole needs to be stable. Decisions must be made, consequences need to be carried, and responsibility must be assumed. And if a man is not capable of doing this because his balls have been shriveled off or an overly dominant mother has spoiled him, a woman needs to man up. She has expectations and wants life to work out. Otherwise, what are the neighbors going to think?


And if it comes to the other extreme, if ‘men’ confuse masculinity with hardness and commanding authority, they lose every connection to that wonderful femininity. They have either lost their balls and want to compensate for that loss, or they simply have too much of them and have that aggression inducing testo-soup dripping out of every pore. Others again are cases for therapy. They have been victims themselves, can’t get over it, and are out for vengeance, trying to tyrannize everyone (or they are simply psychopaths). #run


In this case, women are pushed into masculinity as well. And they have to go down that alley to protect themselves from the patriarchal terror. And along the way, they masculinize and possibly become numb and heartless as well – but that is better then living in oppression and degradation. #isntit?
Some ‘women’ are even into that way of life and they masculinize by instinct, since this is part of their nature. #what?
Yes, Mother Nature likes to play with us. She diversifies and gives every peculiar being a chance.


… if the consequence is the unnatural masculinization of the woman. Otherwise, emancipation is an important effort, that is right and valuable – especially for clear delimitation and polar differentiation. We need gender equality, but no gender equalization. Sexes should be conserved and strengthened, not destroyed.


More than a few women destroy their femininity on their way towards liberation due to the belief that they have to beat ‘the men’ with their own weapons. But there are so many stronger and much more feminine weapons that have been used since ancient times. Remember Cleopatra. Weapons that have the potential to influence the fate of the world – basically invisibly, magically, with a snap of the fingers.
Ten thousand especially feminine and sensual women have been chased and burned by hardened and frightened ‘men’ and priests as part of the witch hunt – and that did not happen without reason. Why? Because these women have been powerfully different.
And have those really been ‘men’, who did that – or simply emotional disturbed and ideologically misguided idiots? #AskGod #OrAtLeastTheChurch


Women don’t have to artificially toughen up to assert themselves. A woman can be beautiful, gentle and soft –that, exactly, is her natural strength. It is that kind of female strength that (brought to maturity) playfully brings headstrong 200-pound men to their knees. With a smile, disarming, and at the same time demanding, rhetoric, and in combination with competence and self-esteem: an unbeatable arsenal of weapons.
Is that too much to ask? Alright, let’s do it the hard way ?


A woman can learn all of that and it pays out. In case a woman tries to antagonize or dominate me in a masculine way, she could as well try to talk a wall into breaking. The same goes for men, of course. I don’t like controversy. Peace of mind is a much more enjoyable state. So, I a) laugh about it or b) ignore it and move on [ c) a serious fight is nice, but rarely appropriate].
However, more than once I have had the opportunity to witness how much power a woman can unfold as soon as she drops any pseudo-masculine acting and starts using her feminine strengths: Sensuality, openness, trust and vulnerability.


Nothing is more honest, authentic and disarming than vulnerability – when it meets a receptive human being. I like to be vulnerable. Especially for a man it is a valuable trait. If he is being attacked, he can grow on it and make his weaknesses to his strength. Vulnerability helps him to overcome vulnerability.
Many men take a different direction: They pretend to be invincible, although, under that thick skin, they are actually a whining mess. #mama


Their weaknesses are being protected and can grow without any interruptions. So these men become increasingly unstable until one day, they either collapse (introvert) or explode (extrovert). Anyways, it sucks.
I have been dating a very feminine and vulnerable woman for some years and she most often got what she wanted – without demanding or complaining. #FemininePower


Benjamin Franklin famously said: “A truly great man will neither trample on a worm nor sneak to an emperor”. Masculinity lies in that framework. And responsibility: To protect, strengthen, and stabilize the beautiful, sensual, and vulnerable of this world – hence, the feminine.
What kind of world would this be without such wonderful feminine polarity and these special beings with their seductive power associated to it? #JustABunchOfRocksAndNetflix


HE does what SHE wants – as long as it is in accordance with his values. And what does she do? She makes sure that what he does looks like it was his idea. This way, everybody gets what they want.
A feminine woman becomes the guiding soul in a coarse man – downright robotic but also somewhat beautiful and holistic. Yin and Yang in balance. That’s how Mother Nature works.
However, when women harden up, then it’s robot against robot. The souls get lost and nature crip-walks down the drain. There lies so much power in the feminine. Masculine weapons, such as hardness, coldness, and violence are powerless against that. And hey: ‘Men’, who want to destroy femininity don’t do that because they are men – they do it because they are sick.


I judge all people primarily from an energetic perspective: positive or negative – independent from sex. Are they full of life, close to nature, and an enrichment or are they greedy, complicated, and energy consuming? Boundaries, confessions and colours don’t matter to me. And because of that, I am closer to much more people on the other side of the world than to people at home.


Always remember: Self-confident people open up to the world and stunted existences barricade themselves behind the lawn fence and bark. Fear makes aggressive. And stupidity gives way to fear.
Books are an amazing way of entertainment in times of retreat. There are books that can open a window to the soul: Open the book, dive into it … and take a deep breath. I want to present to you exactly such a jewel:


This collection of photographs combines two things I love above all others: our planet and its women. Rumanian photographer Mihaela Noroc traveled the world and photographed women in their natural and cultural environment. It is one of the most beautiful books I ever laid my hands upon.

Link to Amazon: https://amzn.to/3voijCN



Femininity bound to paper – the hope, sensuality, and vulnerability in the eyes of these women brought tears to my eyes; especially in that rare combination of dignity, grace, and posture. A fragile mixture and because of that it is so valuable.
Every woman also receives a short text – in case she wanted to give any information about herself. Sometimes there is only a reference to place and country.


It becomes apparent what natural beauty really means: a hopeful smile, shining eyes in an unprettified body, covered in plain cloth.
At times, the most beautiful flowers grow on the greatest piles of dung; in cultures, that are on their knees because of pseudo-masculine abuse of power or foreign influences: Afghanistan, Nepal, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela … And of course there are those diamond-like beauties that have been formed by thousands of years in hard and meager nature – with hair as white as the snow and deep, glacier-blue eyes, who for example live on Iceland … or shiny white teeth and sensual red lips, that glint at you from a deep dark, from the African continent dyed, face. Yes, contrast creates power.
Cheers to the beauty of the world – and this beautifully feminine book. And regarding women in general: I prefer ladies to broads; and still I prefer femininity to stupidity.

“I am not a fan of e-‘man’cipation if the consequence is the unnatural masculinization of the woman. Otherwise, emancipation is an important effort, that is right and valuable – especially for clear delimitation and polar differentiation. We need gender equality, but no gender equalization. Sexes should be conserved and strengthened, not destroyed.”

Dr. Z


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