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Reading is like sex – fruitful and exciting. It improves health, fitness, mindset and competence. So do it in high frequency and quality:

  1. Start every day with a book or documentary – before you get up: 30-60 minutes are fine. If you have to get up early, read earlier. Own your morning. Prime it for mental development.
  2. Follow the flow. Do you like the book? Go for another one from the same author. You love it? Start a relationship. Read them all.
  3. Find new books in your actual read. Is there another title or author mentioned? Research immediately. In case you like it: buy it, read it.
  4. Don’t read aloud in your mind. Read silent, fast & focused. But take your time for reflection, in case you need it; at the end of every chapter and of the whole book as well.
  5. Sound of silence is best. If there are noises around set up calm music without lyrics. Still noises? Turn the music louder or use headphones. And do experiments: sometimes fast and aggressive music can improve the reading.
  6. Have a couple of favorite spots in your place and outside in cafés, galleries, benches or nature for great reading. Search for it. Fight for it. Celebrate it. Ritualize it … and have a pot of tea.
  7. Do it everywhere: in parks, elevators, airplanes. Be always prepared. Don’t leave the house without a book. For years I had “Zarathustra” from Nietzsche in my pocket, now it’s a smartphone with hundreds of reads.
  8. Love the book. Abuse it. Mark important passages for better reminding and reflection. Finish every book with a summary in your mind. Think about the lesson and further steps in reality. Bring it to life.
  9. Never get blocked with a book. If a book is boring – read faster (not slower). Give it at least 50 pages. Still bad? Start to overread unimportant or complicated stuff. Hunt for something interesting and try it for 50 more pages. If it’s still boring or just bad, get rid of it.
  10. Be polyamorous, not monogamous. Read different books parallel like subjects in the school. 5-15 books in the same time are fine. The bigger the difference the more you will read and enjoy.
  11. Everything is interesting. It’s natural to have specific interests but go for every subject. Recognize and train your weak and blind spots. The world is complex but everything is connected. Go for the big picture.
  12. If one subject gets unattractive, change to another one which turns you on and you will be excited again. Truth is: You don’t need a break. You just need another book. It’s food for your mind and there is always space for a dessert (and a starter and side dishes and bread and a good wine, sparkling water as well and a coffee to digest, not to forget the next meal).
  13. Be hungry. Understand the potential. For almost every problem in life there is a book with the solution inside. Find the book. Read it. Adapt it. Realize it. A good book can change your whole life.
  14. Get your things done. With the book you can’t buy the time for reading it but: You have the time for excessive reading! If not – you are not master of your time, earnings and priorities. Read books about easy earning, time management, minimalism and freedom.
  15. Start a new book every day (or every week, in case your mental development is not that important for you).
  16. Make it a challenge. You want to improve speed, frequency and amount, so track your progress: pages per day, books per week, year and in total. Improve.
  17. Create positive pressure. Have a big amount of amazing books close to you. Already waiting for you. Flirting with you. Keeping you hungry. Look at the picture – that was the pile next to my bed, before I got homeless.
  18. Finish every day with sex, a relaxing, reflecting read – and a meditation after that. Sweet dreams. Let your subconsciousness work, digest and incorporate.
  19. Get involved. Fight for smartness. Don’t be a nerd. Don’t hide behind covers and shelves. Books are not for compensation. They are steps to a higher understanding and better reality. So bring it in line: Read extreme. Live extreme. Die happy.
  20. Books are like mirrors. You will see what you are capable to see. Your level of reading and understanding reflects your inner self and development. If you change – the book changes. Read it again.
  21. Timing. For every moment, phenomenon and experience, especially for the hard ones, there is a book for. The art is to pick the right book for the right moment.
  22. Location. It’s the same with the place. Read books connected to the nature, country, culture and city you are in. Personal attachment is the key for improved reading and closer understanding. Feel the connection.
  23. Don’t be a savant. Cold reading can consume thousands of books, but it’s dead like mechanical sex. Open your heart. Load every read with impressive emotions. Feel that every book is unique and amazing by itself. Use it. Need it. Breathe it. Eat it. Love it. Fu#k it. Get laid. Enjoy it. Merge with it. If it’s complicated – let it go. Happiness is simple.
  24. You are what you read. The more you read, the more you understand, the more you relax. The more you find control, competence and self-confidence. The more you find stability and trust into nature.


… if you haven’t read Shakespeare, Heisenberg and Carnegie? How deep are your emotions if you don’t feel with Jane Goodall, Malala and Gandhi? Where are you on this amazing planet if you haven’t explored with Polo, Humboldt, Shackleton, Hillary and Heyerdahl? How complex is your understanding of power if you can’t calculate Caesar, Napoleon, Trump or Hitler? How high are your standards if you haven’t read Tsunetomo, Nietzsche and Bruce Lee? How deep is your soul if you don’t dive with Siddhartha, the Bhagavad Gita and the Peaceful Warrior? How mindful is your brain without the studies of Freud, Adler, Fromm and Frankl? How good is your strategy without the works of Sunzi, Clausewitz and Robert Greene? How masculine is a man without Seneca, Musashi and Tyler Durden? How will you seduce without the writings of Ovid, de Sade and Casanova? What do you understand of nature if you haven’t reflected with Archimedes, Newton, Darwin and Einstein? How rich are you, if you can’t invested with Smith, Schumpeter, Hill and Buffet?


Yeah, you can be a nice, funny and smart person – even without books, but if you don’t read regularly: you have no understanding of what it means to be really alive and deeply attractive because life is like sex – it’s physical, but mostly in the mind.

“Aus einer großen Gesellschaft heraus
Ging einst ein stiller Gelehrter zu Haus.
Man fragte: ‘Wie seid Ihr zufrieden gewesen?’
‘Wären’s Bücher’, sagt er, ‘ich würd’ sie nicht lesen.'”

So follow Goethe, read originals and pick your peers wisely – like your books because reading rocks.

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“Reading and life is like sex:
It’s physical, but mostly in the mind”

Dr. Z

Dr. Christian Zippel | AMOR FATI


Dr. Christian Zippel is a doctor of philosophy, author of 15 books and therapist. He loves books, dumbbells and extremes. Dr. Z lives minimalist, free and without a permanent residence. The AMOR FATI philosophy is based on his vision and work.


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