What is it worth living for, fighting for, dying for?

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Sure. Genes have programed us to want a family and protect it. But humans are not in the risk of dying out. Opposite is the case. Our planet is suffering from too many people, from their deeds, needs and greeds. So to create more humans can’t be a priority. What about better humans?


When I was younger, I believed every single human would love to grow and develop his or her potential. Experience shows: That’s wrong. It’s only interesting for a special type of personality. Other personalities just don’t care. They will never care, because it’s not in their genes. That’s ok. Nature loves diversification. And she has created totally different types of personalities.


Yeah, actually we are killing our environment. Mostly because of the deeds of very few but really greedy personalities. A reflected and strong human community should cut their abilities or even their balls. Besides that: Nature stays relaxed. She has time, selection and mutation. Whatever humans will destroy, evolution will create something better.


To strive for this is not really an option for a reflected personality. It’s more a symptom of a poor and crazy mind, a lack of philosophy and in severe cases: the necessity to visit a therapist.
On the other hand: These people form the planet, create our pleasure- and painful history. It’s not really their fault. Nature creates them to do this.


I could go further, but you see: It’s all about personality. We are all marionettes of mother nature. A big part of our personality is inherited. Your personality is your destiny. To accept it and make the best out of it, yeah even love it… This means: AMOR FATI!


… there is nothing, what it is worth fighting or dying for – as long as you have freedom, food and a bed to sleep in. You will die anyway and nature will go on. This is the case on planet Earth. We are trapped in this system.

You can suffer because of that. Or you just relax, follow your type of personality and create your own tiny happiness in this big, amazing and mysterious universe.


I am philospher, pragmatist and idealist. I love to explore and to evolve. To make experiments and experiences. Extreme on the one hand, introvert on the other. This type of personality is rare and it’s good this way.

If there would be more of me, society wouldn’t work stable, companies wouldn’t produce stuff, people wouldn’t buy it and they wouldn’t go to their meaningless jobs and unnatural workplaces. They wouldn’t buy insurances because they are not insecure. They wouldn’t create bureaucracy, TV-shows, commercials or wars. They would probably just relax at the river, catch a fish and talk about universe at the fire. Pretty easy happy, almost always happy – but not the type of personality, which builds cars, industry and society.

They know: We are trapped in this system, everything important is already here and we will die anyway. So don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t be serious. Just relax, learn something new, grow a bit further, trust intuition and have a great day. That’s more than enough.


You want more or something else? That’s good. Almost nobody could follow my way – because it’s not in their personality. It’s not my purpose to force you into my mindset and lifestyle. I’m philosopher. My „job“ is to be happy and free – and to teach people about the…


So search for your own identity. Go for it! Don’t get infected by others. Have the courage to follow your own flow, make your own kind of music.


There are a lot of books, articles and tests about this subject. And if you are still struggling with the sense of your life, be aware: It’s not about the question, what is it worth living for, and the answer is not out there. The answer waits inside of you and the correct question is:


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