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Our Values



First of all, we redefine community: no longer by origin, nation or religion, but by individual freedom and common values.

Just as the Internet is a global network that spans the planet, so are digital opportunities used to create global communities that define themselves through common goals, principles and interests. It doesn’t matter whether their members come from Berlin, Kamchatka or Buenos Aires. We have the Internet and mobility. We communicate in real time; we can meet at any time, work together and travel. The world is our comfort zone: we live – where, how and with whom we want.



Our home is Planet Earth, represented by Mother Nature. We are the current top of evolutionary creation. We are allowed to use and shape nature, but are also obliged to protect it – from individual misconduct, national small-mindedness and commercial exploitation. Education as well as the creation of a global consciousness on the basis of communication, science and philosophy are the basis. Discussion, action and theabstinence from consumption create change.



As humans we have a body, a mind, a soul and relationships. Just as we bear responsibility for our home, we also bear responsibility for ourselves and our fellow human beings. So we train our body, train our mind, stabilize our soul and invest in our relationships. We bring these aspects into harmony, but also to their limits in order to grow with them. We sort out what is harmful. Development, growth and selection are the values of nature; therefore also ours.



Reality is flexible; structured by laws of nature, disposition and chance. The human will can engage and reprogram the world. From our own bodies to enormous ecosystems, everything is in our hands.

Quantum physics, neurobiology, epigenetics and complexity research show that the world is by no means rigidly material. On the contrary, it is a cosmic-energetic network floating in a sea of possibilities. We recognize this potential and its responsibility, despise the victim’s perspective and take constructive action: create the future.



Each of us is going to die – and that’s wonderful. Death wipes everything away, frees us from everything. Accordingly, we have nothing to lose, never need to cling, can live effectively, smoothly, cheerfully … and decease.

Everything convulsively anxious and blocked is mere weak-sense; grown out of the non-acceptance of one’s own transience. Only those who understand the security of death can overcome the fear of life – become truly free: act relaxed and die laughing. That is a strong purpose.



Petty bourgeoisie, greed and envy grow out of fear, weakness and the inability to take responsibility for one’s own fate. The more incompetent a person is, the more dependent he is on security and systems – which catch him and stabilise him. Whoever overcomes all this can get out, log out and live free of possessions and bureaucracy wherever he likes it, however he likes it and as long as he likes it.

Philosophical-pragmatic competence empowers freedom. By this we mean the art of fighting for a beautiful, strong and free life, striving and dying. This is the core of AMOR FATI.



Our standard of living is flexible. We need little; we are energetically rich, materially free and mentally self-sufficient. If we have little, we live in poverty. If we have more, we live more flexible.

If we need things or money, we earn them playfully by creating constructive values that make the planet a better place. But we don’t cling to it, stay free and in flow.

Our resources are energetic and alive. What grows when you use it is valuable and important: our skills and relationships. What wears out when we use it is dead and void; just a tool, but no value in itself.



Every person worldwide can live according to these principles. But they can also connect with like-minded people, create autonomous cells, become locally or globally active. AMOR FATI has no head, no headquarters, only a global, supranational code of values, which will realize itself, organize itself and shape the planet, the more people orient themselves to it.

Synergy, emergence and evolution are the true rulers. What is strong and healthy will prevail and overcome the three diseases that currently pouch our planet:

Climate change, extinction of species, littering

Territorial Conflicts, confessional wars, abuse

Anxiety, isolation, misinformation



Stable and great spirits stand above things, accept their mortality and hardly take anything seriously. Their wisdom is shown by serenity.

Kynical cheerfulness is characterized by a cheeky, radical, socio-critical approach that doesn’t give a shit about conventions, superficially ridicules them and subliminally inspires people to think. Most of the time on the planet is mere theatre. Problems are homemade. The tragic emerges where people torture each other who die anyway. And only those who can laugh about it will be free inwardly.



Every human being is unique: mentally, genetically, physically, character-wise, historically. Thus he can make a unique contribution to this world.

The more he recognizes himself, realizes his individuality and uses it for the benefit of the community, the more he lives in accordance with his disposition and our values. This is our path to individual fulfilment and community development.


  1. We are citizens of the world, planet earth is our home.
  2. We bear responsibility for our home, protecting nature.
  3. We have demands on ourselves: on body, mind, soul and social matters.
  4. We recognize the formability of our world and become active constructively and creatively.
  5. We overcome the weakly sensible fear of death, live a smooth life and die with joy.
  6. We develop philosophical-pragmatic competence in the martial art of beautiful, strong and free living.
  7. We are financially-materially free, flexible in our standard of living and focused on living values.
  8. We are organized decentrally: not by people or institutions, but by principles.
  9. We are kynically cheerful and take life dead-seriously – so not very seriously.
  10. We are radical individualists, but not egoists; we find fulfilment and create development only as long as we contribute to the cosmic organism in which we participate.



Understand the matrix: reality is flexible. Structured by natural laws, disposition and coincidence. Your will can intervene: reprogram body, mind, life, society and the planet. Start with yourself …


Know yourself: your weaknesses, blockages, interests and potentials. Your actual state. Your nature. Reflect, measure and analyze. Keep a journal about it. Understand the connections, the system behind it. And leave the victim’s perspective …


Take responsibility for your life. Overcome your blockages and weaknesses. Unleash and cultivate the animal. Cleanse and train your body. School your mind. Stabilize your soul. Master the social. Learn the sexual. Understand the financial. Research. Discuss. Use the competence of specialists. Bring all components in line. And find your profession …


Unleash your interests and potentials; according to your predisposition. Create an individual art, your very own craft. Become a specialist, enrich the world and earn money with it. Don’t waste it. Save and invest intelligently – especially in yourself: your education, skills, relationships. And gain control over your life …


Develop yourself from civil, social and material entanglements. Never accept a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Radically eliminate everything superfluous. Set priorities. What you can’t eliminate: optimize, minimize and delegate it. Reduce outer stability the more stable you become inside. And step out of the shadows into the light …

Pass the

Pass the zero point where you are financially-materially free, master of your time and inwardly balanced. You do not need drugs, alcohol, tobacco. Chemistry in food, cosmetics, medicine you despise. Negative perspectives and ways of thinking are foreign to you. Now stabilize and increase the achieved …


Bunbu ichi: Be a master in fight and art. Learn to fight, to defend yourself and your values. Strive for mastery in your artistic-creative activity. Give your craft a unique style. Raise your life to a higher level …


Follow your interests without restriction. Meet Dr. Z on a meal. Develop a flow personality. Increase your competence. Celebrate contrasts. Die and become. Be at home everywhere. Explore the planet and its cultures. Learn from their weaknesses. Adapt their strengths. Be part of the community, give something back …


Help others on their path of understanding, development and maturation. Connect with like-minded people. Live, dance and strive with them together. As a specialist, you integrate your skills and share your knowledge. AMOR FATI is a living organism. It grows through differentiation and integration. You are part of it, define yourself through actions and lead by example …


Be a warrior of light: a character-strong, helpful and humorous person. Break destructive processes. Establish constructive. Protect nature. Respect evolution. Invest in karma and charisma. Unleash a powerful aura. And don’t die as a copy …


Be unique. Shape the society. Change the planet. Be creative and extreme. Leave a footprint in the ass of history. Burn yourself and die with a grin.

“It is so quiet up here, and you will feel like you are one of these space monkeys. You are trained to do a small job. Activate a handle. Push a button. You don’t understand anything of this and then you just die.

Tyler Durden

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