Review: The Creative Destruction of Medicine
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Review: The Creative Destruction of Medicine


“This is just the beginning of where medicine can go when it is wireless, connected to an Internet on steroids, and capable of tracking comprehensive physiologic metrics and even some forms of digital imaging. Data never previously available to both patients and physicians are now streaming. With the individual’s biologic and DNA sequence data in the EHR and the patient’s PHR, indicating all pharmacogenomic interactions, and with this information shared with the patient’s pharmacist, prescriptions will eventually have a whole new look of precision.” (344)

Perfect medicine could be medicine without any human – despite the patient.

Eric Topol shows in his american besteller that human medicine is full of mistakes, subjectivity and biases. Actually it’s a real horror story far away from reason, efficiency and evidence.

He praises the fully digitized human in combination with highly developed medical intelligence and robotics. That could deliver the perfect diagnose, treatment and pharmaceutical dosage.

There is a lot of truth and potential inside. But it’s horroryfying for most humans as well. So we will see this “perfect digital medicine” firstly in totalitarian systems like China – but yeah: It will be the future.

So it’s interesting to have some insights and inhale a proper book about it.

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