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Introducing Chaos: A Graphic Guide

CHAOS IS EVERYWHERE Order is a rare and local phenomenon in our universe. Mostly and almost everywhere rules chaos - in a river, in our body, in a coast line, in economy and astronomy. Why? Bc the world is connected and complex. This infocomic gives you an...

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Daily Vagus Nerve Exercise

BREATH & RELAX Another book about the Vagus Nerve. Good explanation of the Polyvagal Theorie and its potential for health, stability and self-therapy. A bit disappointing in the end: all the exercises are just common knowledge and typical relaxation techniques...

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The Creative Destruction of Medicine

SCHUMPETER THE MEDICAL SYSTEM "This is just the beginning of where medicine can go when it is wireless, connected to an Internet on steroids, and capable of tracking comprehensive physiologic metrics and even some forms of digital imaging. Data never previously...

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