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Dr. Christian Zippel loves the extreme and on October 18th, 2018 he leaves his home country, Germany.

He gave up his permanent residence, sold his belongings, terminated contracts and now travels the world to live a new level of freedom and personal development. According to him, he has fully evolved and has freed himself from cibil-material entanglements; according to the words of Tyler Durden: „The things you own end up owning you“.

Where he is right now? I have no idea. Everything is imaginable, from monastery to jail. Once in a while, if he has a working internet connection, he sends me a message or some pictures.

The experiences of his journey and updates on how he is doing, I will publish here.


“Hi, I'm your wasted life.“

Fight Club

Signs of life from Dr. Christian Zippel on his journey


Dr. Z’s journey to point zero

Dr. Z’s journey to point zero

>> One month after Dr. Christian Zippel (Dr. Z) has given up his residence and property in Germany, there is a new sign of life from him. What he still has in his possessions, how he lives in the future, and what four insights he has received in a month of absolute freedom, you will find out in this article. Have fun, your Sascha. <<
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Dr. Z’s journey to point zero

Zippels Reise zum Nullpunkt

>> Einen Monat nachdem Dr. Christian Zippel (Dr. Z) seinen Wohnsitz und Besitz in Deutschland aufgegeben hat, gibt es ein neues Lebenszeichen von ihm. Was er noch an Hab und Gut hat, wie er künftig lebt und welche vier Erkenntnisse ihm in einem Monat absoluter Freiheit gekommen sind, erfahrt ihr in diesem Artikel. Viel Spaß, euer Sascha.<<
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