Stop building walls? Find energy, flow and stability? Become fit, strong and relaxed? Wanna minimalize your life and live free?

In case you need help in one of the 11 Steps on your way to a happy, strong and free life: Dr. Christian Zippel might be one of the best mentors on this journey – because he is living all of these steps. He achieved them and he can teach you to master it for yourself.

Depending from the time – the Coaching is possible digital and worldwide.

Feel free to write us over the contact formular at the end of this site. We will discuss together, what is possible and what place and duration would fit best.

Coaching request for Dr. Christian Zippel

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Note: If the contact form does not work, you can also send us your coaching request with all the needed information to: 
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"The Koi, who is swimming up a waterfall, becomes a dragon."

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