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I am a mother of a grown-up daughter, a sports enthusiast and a passionate reader of philosophical and psychological books. Currently I am working on a first autobiographical book project.

I live in Germany, but I love to travel and have explored many parts of Europe in recent years.

Although I grew up in sect-like structures, thanks to the pragmatic AMOR FATI philosophy I now live a happy, free, dancing life. Since it is my heart’s desire to give back to others something of what gives me so much myself, I write articles for AMOR FATI. There are also book tips and reviews from me.

As a social pedagogue, I have worked in different areas: in educational institutions with socially/emotionally conspicuous students as well as in the gym with children. Another stop was mail counseling for relatives of conspiracy followers and cult members.

I am very much looking forward to exchanging ideas with like-minded people. Feel free to write me regarding my texts or for general questions about the AMOR FATI lifestyle via Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Babette Heezen | AMOR FATI