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Rules for radical reading | AMOR FATIArticle

Rules for radical reading

Reading is like sex - fruitful and exciting. It improves health, fitness, mindset and competence. So do it in high frequency and quality. Here is how ...
Dr. Z
Fat, fear & gold | AMOR FATIArticle

Fat, fear & gold

Do you know what body fat and gold have in common? Have you ever thought about that corona and the crisis could also be a huge chance for you? In this post you can learn how the system actually works and how you can use this to your advantage.
Dr. Z
Corona, Coaching & Stability | AMOR FATIArticle

Corona, Coaching & Stability

Did you know that your internal stability significantly determines the strength of your immune system? So don’t stress yourself. Take a look at the key figures and epidemological models, strengthen your immune system and relax.
Dr. Z
Money is relative | AMOR FATIArticle

Money is relative

Dr. Z talks about money. Why it is about quality and intensity instead of quantity and wanting more. Furthermore you learn why Einsteins relativity theory also applies to money and what this may means for your life.
Dr. Z
Do we live in a mad world? | AMOR FATIArticle

Do we live in a mad world?

Damn. Where are the happy people? I look around: All I see is stress, aggression and fear. I will show you why – and how to change it for yourself.
Dr. Z

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